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Fresh Start TestingTM is an Official North American distributor of Daphne Lab® BioMetaTestsTM, holding exclusive rights in Canada. In collaboration with Daphne Lab®, Fresh StartTM designed new North American-tailored versions of Daphne Lab’s® BioMetaTestsTM. In order to best support its clients on their wellness journey, Fresh Start’s versions of the tests uniquely feature supplemental information, updated graphical presentations, as well as more specific food groups and additional food items in the ThemaTM 01 – Nutritional Intolerances BioMetaTestTM.


Fresh Start TestingTM was created following the positive experiences that its founders, Mary and Dan Quinn, had with the Daphne Lab® BioMetaTestsTM. Mary had been experiencing deteriorating health, with seemingly unconnected symptoms and no clear solution offered by conventional medicine. A shift to functional medicine and working with a Naturopathic Doctor provided much-awaited improvements. While attempting to learn more about her food sensitivities and potential root causes, Mary found a unique testing opportunity with Daphne Lab® in Italy. Upon receipt of her first BioMetaTestTM results, Mary and Dan had the “aha!” moment that they had been looking for. These tests provided them with a more complete understanding of her nutritional intolerances, her overall functional state and how her symptoms were connected, and thus where to focus their energy on her wellness journey.

After witnessing equally positive results from family and friends’ BioMetaTestsTM, Mary and Dan set out to have a positive impact on others’ health by creating Fresh Start TestingTM in order to make Daphne Lab’s® BioMetaTestsTM more accessible to those in North America who could benefit from them. They hope that you too will find a Fresh Start on your wellness journey!
Daphne Lab’s® analysis method is referred to as “Resonant Inductive Biometrics”, also known as Biometriak.







UNI EN ISO 9001 :2015




Daphne Lab® and its patented technology is a vision, a concept, which has been spreading globally for years. In the 90s at the University of Padua (Italy), I was working on gravitational waves. It was through this work that I established how to apply the principles of bio-microresonance spectrophotometry to the field of medicine to analyze nutritional intolerances.

In the early 1900s, medicine discovered allergies. Food intolerances have since followed, but thanks to this new technology, I was able to explore the idea of nutritional intolerances: a new form of food intolerance that is much more detailed than simple food allergies or intolerances, and thus much more responsive to the needs of a modern diet.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, many professionals have become excited about my discovery and patented technology. Subsequent studies have certified a 94% reliability rate for our analytical methodology (study conducted by the Italian Government Health Authorities). In the span of Daphne Lab’s® 20 years of activity, over 1,500 professionals in Italy alone, along with increasing numbers of professionals worldwide, have adopted our methodology. Every year, Daphne Lab® records more than 90,000 cases of satisfied patients.
In our mission to continue spreading the impacts of this patented technology, it is with great pleasure that we present the first fully customized test for the North American market, thanks to the collaboration with Fresh Start TestingTM. This collaborative effort was founded on research, coding, calibration and design, in order to create a new and unique test tailored to the specific needs of North Americans. The number of foods tested have been expanded and customized for the North American diet, the test has been redesigned, the protocols have been updated and the methodology has been improved. Thanks to the commitment of Fresh Start TestingTM, it is now possible to offer a test that provides North Americans with a new approach to nutrition.
The food program associated with our nutritional intolerance test, has resulted in greater personalization of therapies, as well as greater speed in achieving results and maintaining longer-term goals. Furthermore, useful tools to help those individuals with pathologies and disorders related to nutrition have been explored by Daphne Lab® in the new functional Mineralogram and Intestinal Dysbiosis tests. These two tests, along with the nutritional intolerance test, are available in one single comprehensive product: the ThemaTM Exclusive BioMetaTestTM.
We can now say with enthusiasm, that Daphne Lab® is providing you with the analytical tools needed to effectively tackle your nutritional intolerances and related disorders, at a level never before encountered.
Dr. Luigi Di Vaia
Founder of Daphne Lab®

ThemaTM Exclusive

Comprising Themas 01, 02 and 06 (Discounted Bundle Rate)
Includes: 112 Page Detailed Report, 24 Page Summary Report
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