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A Daphne Point™ is an authorized Practitioner, Nutritionist, Health Specialist, Clinic, etc., from whom you can order a Fresh Start™ / Daphne Lab® BioMetaTest™.

Contact Fresh Start™ or an authorized Daphne Point™ for ordering details.

Yes. Fresh Start™ is an Official North American Distributor of Daphne Lab® BioMetaTests™, welcoming both Canadians and Americans.
Please visit our Find A Practitioner page to find a Daphne Point™ near you
No. Tests can be ordered directly from Fresh Start™ without a doctor’s referral or requisition.
No. The test is non-invasive, requiring only a small tuft of hair or buccal swab sample.

Contact Fresh Start™ or your Daphne Point™ for pricing details.

If you order directly from Fresh Start™, you will be able to download your results from a personalized channel on Fresh Start’s secure platform.

If you order from a Daphne Point™, they will advise you on their procedure for receiving test results.

Results will be available within 1 week of processing your order.
Fresh Start™ believes that working with a Holistic Practitioner is an integral part of one’s wellness journey. Contact Fresh Start™ to learn more about Daphne Points who accept new patients/clients, and assist with Fresh Start™ / Daphne Lab® test results. Alternatively, you can have your holistic specialist contact Fresh Start™ for test interpretation information.
No. The Fresh Start™ / Daphne Lab® BioMetaTests can identify Tolerance/Intolerance levels for foods whether or not they have recently been consumed. In fact, Daphne Lab’s testing methodology can identify Tolerance/Intolerance levels for foods you have never eaten.
Yes. You will receive a Tolerance/Intolerance percentage value and a recommended maximum consumption frequency for each food item.
No. Avoid consuming intolerant foods for 60-90 days only, after which time you can begin reintroduction, starting with the least intolerant foods.
No. Fresh Start™ / Daphne Lab® tests do not identify a lack of lactase (lactose intolerance) or immune response diseases, including, but not limited to, celiac or gluten sensitivity. Fresh Start™ / Daphne Lab® BioMetaTests identify intolerances that impact the metabolic system at a bio-physical, non-immune level.

Yes. IgE and IgG blood tests measure the level of antibodies produced by the immune system in response to specific foods.

Daphne Lab’s testing methodology identifies Nutritional Tolerances/Intolerances at a functional level that does not involve the immune system.

Test results from various methodological domains complement one another, they do not compete against one another; they all investigate intolerances/sensitivities from different perspectives, each revealing a critical element not discoverable by the other.

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