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A Daphne Point™ is an authorized Practitioner, Nutritionist, Health Specialist, Clinic, etc., who can order Fresh Start™ / Daphne Lab® BioMetaTests™ for their patients/clients.

Contact Fresh Start™ for more information at 1-855-882-6661, or register as a Daphne Point™ online. Select your country to be redirected to the online registration Form 93.

Register as a Daphne Point™ to order tests for your practice. Select your country to be redirected to the online registration Form 93. CANADA or USA. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Fresh Start™ at 1-855-882-6661.

Yes. Fresh Start™ is an Official North American Distributor of Daphne Lab® BioMetaTests™, welcoming both Canadians and Americans.

Contact Fresh Start™ for pricing details.

Upon registration as a Daphne Point™, you will receive some test kits. Dropship service is also available.

Test results will be available for download from your personalized channel on Fresh Start’s secure PIPEDA and HIPPA compliant platform.

Results will be available within 1 week of processing an order.

Yes. The Daphne Lab® is ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 compliant.

Yes. Daphne Lab’s 3rd generation functional testing methodology is patented and has a Validated Repeat Reliability Rate of 94%.

No. The test is non-invasive, requiring only a small tuft of hair or buccal swab sample.
No. The Fresh Start™/Daphne Lab® BioMetaTests™ can identify Tolerance/Intolerance levels for foods whether or not they have recently been consumed. In fact, Daphne Lab’s testing methodology can identify Tolerance/Intolerance levels for foods that have never been eaten.
Yes. A result for each food item is listed, including a Tolerance/Intolerance percentage value and a recommended maximum consumption frequency.
No. The patient/client should only eliminate intolerant foods for 60-90 days, after which they can be reintroduced, starting with the least intolerant foods.

No. Fresh Start™/Daphne Lab® tests do not identify a lack of lactase (lactose intolerance) or immune response diseases, including, but not limited to, celiac or gluten sensitivity.

Fresh Start™/Daphne Lab® BioMetaTests™ identify intolerances that impact the metabolic system at a bio-physical, non-immune level.

Yes. IgE and IgG blood tests measure the level of antibodies produced by the immune system in response to specific foods.

Daphne Lab’s testing methodology identifies Nutritional Tolerances/Intolerances at a functional level that does not involve the immune system.

Test results from various methodological domains complement one another, they do not compete against one another; they all investigate intolerances/sensitivities from different perspectives, each revealing a critical element not discoverable by the other.

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