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Fresh Start Testing January 2024 Promotions

January 2024 Promotions

Fresh Start Testing January 2024 Promotions

🎉 January Promotions are on! Are you ready for a Fresh Start? 🌟

Have you lost your energy, feel bloated, or suffer from anxiety and headaches with no clear explanations? 🤔 Are your blood test results normal, yet you feel anything but normal? If you’re tired of the guesswork regarding your health, it’s time to explore a new approach. ⏳

Symptoms serve as a vital communication tool from our body, signalling an imbalance that demands attention. They may indicate unmet needs or the body’s attempt to regulate an unwelcome presence. Unravelling the underlying requirements of our body and mind can be very daunting! ⛰️

We are on a mission to help YOU discover your food triggers, metabolic imbalances, and metabolic disruptors, uncovering the missing elements of your health puzzle 🧩 and empowering you and your holistic practitioner to create a comprehensive plan for proactive steps toward optimal wellness. 🌿

Are you ready to invest in yourself? There is no better time for a Fresh Start than this exact moment! ⏰

🎉 Since it’s Fresh Start’s January Promotion time, you can get even more insight for FREE!! *

Order a Thema 01 Nutritional Intolerances Test and receive 1 FREE PANEL TEST of choice.

Order a Thema Exclusive Test and receive 2 FREE PANEL TESTS of choice.

Ready to order?

Order through one of our registered practitioners (Daphne Points), or complete the order form in the link below.

  • * Promotions run through January 31st, 2024
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