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Thema 01
Nutritional Intolerances



NUTRITIONAL INTOLERANCES provoke a biophysical reaction which consequently slows the metabolic system. Continuing to eat foods to which one is intolerant can lead to weight gain, headaches, bloating, edema, circulation problems etc.

In the ThemaTM 01 BioMetaTestTM, the client’s hair sample is analyzed against over 1,100 foods to assess the personalized tolerance level for each food item. Daphne Lab’s® testing process evaluates nutritional differences that exist within varieties of the same food. For example, test results may indicate a lower tolerance level for a Granny Smith Apple than a McIntosh Apple, consequently making it easier for the client to find a tolerant apple option. The results in ThemaTM 01 provide the client with itemized recommended maximum consumption frequencies for tolerant foods, and recommendations for which foods to eliminate for 60-90 days in the case of intolerances. Fresh Start’sTM goal in testing over 1,100 foods is to present the client with a greater possibility of having a significant number of tolerant foods to choose from, facilitating the creation of a personalized “substitution diet,” rather than a broader more traditional “elimination diet.

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